Design Services

Anyone can go out and buy furniture, but not everyone can pull every element of a room from the furniture down to the picture frames and wall color together to create a beautiful, functional living space. Remarkable interior design translates a client’s taste and lifestyle into a home interior that sustains their daily activities and brings happiness. Every detail is important.  At Luxe, design services are so important, that we include them at no extra cost with any purchase of our beautiful home furnishings.

As part of the Luxe experience, our designers provide the expertise, tools and resources to transform a room or your entire home with an eye for both beauty and function.  You’ll be able to see suggested room arrangements, photos of recommended furnishings, and samples of finishes, fabrics and colors so you can envision the results.

Finally, we take care of every detail to complete the transformation in your home. Your Luxe Designer works with our delivery and installation teams so every element you’ve approved is completed and ready for you to enjoy. When you walk through your front door we want you to come home to a place that you love!


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