The Top 3 Interior Design Trends for 2016 According to Norwalk Furniture

A week ago, I attended the Norwalk Furniture Pre-Market Showcase. For those of you unfamiliar with Norwalk Furniture, it’s a custom, American-made furniture company located in Norwalk, Ohio.

Norwalk, Ohio

An American Furniture Manufacturer, Norwalk Furniture

Norwalk Furniture is an American manufacturer with employees who have worked there for over 20 years, and most of those employees have family members who are also employed by the company. They buy American-made materials and use sustainable, eco-friendly best practices when making their furniture. They produce a high-quality product and once you visit their factory, it’s easy to see why they are able to accomplish this. It also happens to be one of our best-selling lines in our store.

Top 3 Interior Design Trends for 2016

The three interior design trends to keep an eye out for this year are the following themes:

1. Under the Sea
2. Hill Country
3. Jetson

Below are three examples of each trend from the Norwalk Furniture Showroom:


Jetson is that modern, Danish-inspired look that you likely have seen a lot lately. It’s very popular. Turquoises, blues, chartreuse, and gray make up the color palette for this design trend.

Jetson interior design trend

They mentioned George Jetson a lot in their presentation. I feel like I need to watch an episode again for research! I really do like the color scheme

Hill Country

Some of this trend may seem somewhat familiar to you from the past. Plaids, Native American patterns, animal prints and mixed leather textures dominate this interior design trend.

Hillcountry interior design trend

Shades of reds, mixed texture leather and Native American prints make this Hill Country trend fabulous

Hillcountry mixed texture leathers

Norwalk had us use these little fans and take pics to enter a contest for a gift card…I didn’t win. Ha!

Under the Sea

I’ve been surprised how much I’ve noticed this trend since they pointed it out at pre-market. Under the Sea interior design infuses lots of blues and images from the ocean.

under the sea interior design trend

Starfish fabric in gray tones

coral fabric interior design trend

This coral fabric has a velvety texture that is ridiculously soft and gives a hint of Under the Sea

You can use these trends for ideas for a color palette or to purchase custom-made Norwalk furniture from us. Every purchase from Luxe Furniture & Design comes with complimentary interior design. Our designers can help incorporate any of these trends into your home or business, and as always, they can customize a look that’s right for you…no matter the trend.
– Tamara Noel, Owner of Luxe Furniture & Design

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