Several items from our floor stock have been marked up to 60% off the original price. Stop by the Luxe Showroom while supply lasts!  Browse through the images below for a sneak peek at a few items on sale.

For more information call us at 918-459-8950.

1610104_727674570608120_7311197201175006491_n 1661766_727674620608115_7312317169367444381_n 1897674_727674780608099_576893483819274895_n 1907641_727674483941462_6628267406491717137_n 1969376_727674727274771_1177520487814568638_n 10154087_727674733941437_1564507464055417919_n 10155550_727674397274804_3627530308362885185_n 10155988_727674603941450_2937118438911584299_n 10170975_727674533941457_2065671528510109807_n 10174980_727674730608104_942244504338539547_n 10177907_727674480608129_4203653839320362754_n 10270495_727674583941452_5443829630933765759_n 10294257_727674400608137_539152117688318096_n 10300117_727674653941445_1152283525394966897_n 10300270_727674770608100_4377479136202013004_n 10308078_727674517274792_7213460360273429475_n 10313386_727674677274776_2228282341843214272_n 10320561_727674497274794_5878519108337439948_n 10336715_727674450608132_5579998318127071618_n


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