Learn How to Mix Patterns

Lately, many people are asking about mixing and matching colors and patterns. Mixing patterns and colors is easy, but making it look good can be a challenge. Follow these quick tips from our Luxe designers, Mary Veltri and Kristin Yannaccone, to give your home a stylish look.


Mary Veltri:When mixing and matching odd patterns – working with odd numbers is a good rule. Use a minimum of 3. The key is varying scale from small to large. Choosing the large pattern carefully as it will make the strongest statement.”


Kristin Yannaccone: “I love to mix and match patterns in a room.  The best way that I have found to do this is to coordinate the scale and colors in the patterns.  I like to start with a large-scale pattern and add a small and medium pattern to the grouping. Then I make sure the colors in the patterns coordinate and flow from pattern to pattern.  This will create a vignette that is most pleasing to the eye, yet still very interesting.” 


Come by the Luxe Home Interiors showroom today and see all the fabric choices we offer! We look forward to helping you see your dream, design it and then love it.


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